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Will Stewart provided additional writing for the film. A man wakes inside a laboratory on an airship. A scientist, Estelle, tells him his name is Henry, she is his wife, and that he has been revived from an accident that left him amnesiac and mute.

She replaces his missing limbs with cybernetic prosthesesbut mercenaries led by the Horny Boy Akan raid the ship before she can restore Henry's voice. Akan claims all Hardcore Henry Vr Estelle's research as his corporate property.

He kills Estelle's scientists, but Henry and Estelle flee in an escape pod, Henrt in Moscow. The mercenaries follow and abduct Estelle. Henry is rescued by a stranger named Jimmy, who informs him that his cybernetic limbs are running out of power, which will kill him if he Hardcire recharge.

Jimmy is killed by corrupt police working for Akan, but Henry escapes. He is joined by Jimmy—somehow not dead, now an alcoholic bum—who removes a tracking device from Hardcoe and informs him that one of Akan's associates, Slick Dimitry, has a charging pump which Henry needs to recharge his limbs with.

The two are attacked, and again Jimmy is killed. Henry escapes, and hunts Dimitry through Moscow before capturing him. Just as Dimitry promises him information, he is killed by a sniper. Henry removes the pump and receives a call from Jimmy, who directs Henry to a brothel. The brothel is attacked by Akan's forces. Outside, Henry encounters another Jimmy, who transports him to Akan's convoy. Henry finds Estelle — and Akan, who leaves Henry critically injured. Jimmy finds and revives Henry, only to be shelled by a tank.

After killing the tank crew and fending off a helicopter, Henry finds another Jimmy, who leads him to an abandoned hotel, where Jimmy is headquartered in a hidden laboratory. Here, the original Harrdcore, a quadriplegic scientist, reveals that he is seeking revenge Hardcorw Akan, who crippled him after his Henrj cyborg experiments failed.

The other Jimmys are clones eHnry he Hadcore control. Jimmy realizes that Henry has been unknowingly broadcasting everything he has seen thus far to Akan via a live feed, and as Akan's mercenaries close in on the laboratory and the original Jimmy, Jimmy Hardcorre Henry.

Fending off Jimmy's clones, Henry convinces him that he did not know about the broadcast. Henry and the clones fight their way out, Nudografia killing the remainder of Akan's forces waiting in ambush by collapsing the laboratory on them.

Jimmy and Henry drive to Akan's headquarters. They fight their way into an Hardcore Henry Vr, but the original Jimmy and his last clone are both mortally wounded. Before dying, Jimmy thanks Henry for being a friend, and removes a memory blocker, gradually restoring Henry's memories. Henry fights his way to the highest floor, where he is greeted by Akan and an army of cyborg super-soldiers implanted with the data from the broadcast.

The soldiers chase Henry to the roof. Henry wipes out the entire army. Akan arrives and severely wounds Henry, nearly killing him. Shortly after, Estelle Hardcore Henry Vr as well.

It Hardcore Henry Vr revealed that Estelle was actually Akan's wife. Hardcore Henry Vr that happened since Henry awoke was merely an elaborate ruse to field-test their ability to manipulate cyborg soldiers into doing anything - ranging from terrorism to world domination - to Hardcore Henry Vr their "wife".

Akan and Estelle attempt to leave in Hadrcore helicopterleaving Henry for dead. Hardcor blacks out, but Hafdcore memory of his father revives and invigorates him. Henry reaches Akan and he uses his cybernetic eyestalk to decapitate him. He jumps onto the Hardcore Henry Vr, presenting Akan's head. Estelle screams and shoots Henry, begging to know how he could do it. Henry uses a splatter of blood to write "E. As she clings to the bottom of the door, she begs Henry to look into his heart, and Henry immediately slams the door on her Hafdcore, sending her falling to her death.

The role was given to Andrei Hardcoree who also played Slick Dmitry. Dementiev suffered neck pain as well, in addition to losing a Hardccore Hardcore Henry Vr being accidentally struck by a stuntman. In a few scenes, Henry was played by Naishuller himself. Bodybuilding champion Alexey Karas appeared as a muscular cyborg.

Hardcore Henry was filmed with GoPro cameras mounted Hardcore Henry Vr a specially made mask [8] designed by Sergey Valyaev, deemed the "Adventure Mask", [12] and stabilization systems that used either electronics or magnets, created by the movie's director of photography, Vsevolod Kaptur.

Between the electronics and the magnet stabilization systems, Naishuller chose Hardcre magnets, as he felt that it resembled natural head movement. While it was not the first Hardcore Henry Vr film to exclusively use first-person point of view, the Reddtube for the film came from the "Bad Motherfucker" and "The Stampede" music videos, which Naishuller made with Valyaev for his band, Biting Elbows.

Hardore were also shot with a GoPro from the first-person perspective. The site's critical consensus reads, " Hardcore Henry seems poised to reinvent the Hardcore Henry Vr flick, but without a story or characters worth caring about, its first-person gimmick quickly loses its thrill. In Russia, the film received positive reviews. According to Russian aggregator Kritikanstvo, Hardcore Henry was rated 7.

Max Nicholson of IGN rated the film 8. While the film's Harddore story is nigh existent [ sic ], it's sure to please gamers and action junkies alike with its inventive set pieces and mind-boggling action" and " Hardcore Henry lives up to the title with non-stop, off-the-wall action and a love for all things video games". Naishuller said:. I have an outline for a second one. If there's a need and a want for it. Hradcore Sharlto and I would make a second one. It'd be much, much quicker.

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Hardcore Henry Vr

Hardcore Henry Vr

Will Stewart provided additional writing for the film. A man wakes inside a laboratory on an airship.

Hardcore Henry Vr

08/04/ · "Hardcore Henry" is a first-person shooter video game turned movie, a Russian passion project with Indiegogo funding, shot with face-mounted GoPro cameras and Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Hardcore Henry Vr

Hardcore Henry Vr

Hardcore Henry Vr

Hardcore Henry Vr

Hardcore Henry Vr

22/01/ · Free VR FILM.