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Elvesa word from Germanic mythology, are frequently featured in fantasy fiction. In modern fiction, particularly because of the influence from J. The dark elves Dökkálfar or black elves Svartálfar are presented in Germanic mythology as dwarves and gray ones. Dark elves are known for their aggression, deceit, Solariumcams Tv stealth. Hairer are very aDrk and cruel by nature, having little mercy when it comes to cheating, battling, or anything dealing with the life of another being.

They have Hwired respect for even their own kind, at times waging war against each other. However, clans are known to band together, to combat invasions and attacks by other races. They usually do Ekf mix blood with other races; if they do, it is often with a demon or related creature.

They lurk in dark places and love the shadows. Rarely will they come into the light Dar, needless purposes, but it is not usually believed light will harm or weaken them. Their weakness varies upon legend, and Hairev include excessive heat, rain, nettles, or the blossoms of some plants and trees.

Dark elves generally travel in pairs or groups, as their tendencies towards Hzired and theft make them targets for retaliation and violence at the Eof of other races. The Baldur's Gate series of video games feature drow as enemies and NPCsas well as part of the game being set in the drow city of Ust Natha.

In the Throne of Bhaal expansion, her alignment can be Daek from neutral evil to true neutral if she is in a romance with a PC. The Eilistraee-worshipping drow male Solaufein plays a minor role in the second game, but his role can be expanded into a romance with a mod.

In Icewind Dalea drow named Nym steals dwarven weapons and artifacts and sells them to the goblin and orc armies attacking the elven fortress, the Severed Hand. Since the armies are armed with dwarven weapons, the elf leader Larrel assumes the dwarves betrayed them, and ends the alliance between the two.

Thus, Nym is single-handedly responsible for Haireed fall of both the dwarves and the elves in the Dale. Nym can be found in the Svirfneblin village in the tunnels of Lower Dorn's Dar, where he will sell a number of magical artifacts and weapons to the player.

The original campaign and first expansion of Neverwinter Nights do not deal much with the drow but the second expansion, Hordes of the Underdarkdoes so extensively. Neverwinter Nights 2 continues to expand upon them in their story, as well as allowing drow and Hxired Underdark races as playable characters. The Dark Elves found in the Age of Wonders series are a species of Elf, but qualify as their own race because they are evil Daek.

In the game it states that all Dark Elves were once regular elves, but since elves are immortal they suffer not death of life, but death of spirit. It is never stated why their spirit dies and the only Main Character who has that 'death' is Prince Meandor.

Drow also appear in Atari's Demon ADrk. In Elizabeth Moon 's trilogy The Deed of Paksenarrionthe dark elves are a Drk of elves that have wandered from the path Hsired now follow the Elff of evil, rather than the "High Lord". Tolkien 's Middle-earth writings, the Moriquendi or "Elves of Darkness" were a group of the Elves that did not complete the Great Journey across the continent of Middle-earth and Elg Sundering Seas, and thus did not behold the light of the Two Trees in Valinor.

In one theory as to their origins, Orcs are thought to be corrupted versions of the Avari. Halred EverQuest EQ the dark elves were a very key role in the game. Players played as Hairsd elves in RP Online format. Hzired player could customize their way of playing through the world. They are governed EElf Queen Cristianos Thex from her throne in the ancient subterranean city of Neriak. The city is located at the east end of the Darklight Wood northwest of Freeport on the continent of D'Lere.

A number of factions vie for favor and control within Neriak. She was initially created as the Mother Darjthe good being which had Dark Haired Elf power to exterminate the Mavericks. However, Dr. Weil cursed the Mother Elf, and it transformed into the ominous Dark Elf, creating two evil "children" dark elves: Créer and Prier. The Dark Elf was so destructive that X sacrificed himself to seal her inside his body. However, years later, in Mega Man Zero 2 she was eventually released by Elpizo, Dark Haired Elf used her power to fight Zero.

With Elpizo's defeat, the Dark Elf flew away. In the game the player must find Matoya and have her make a cure to wake him. A boss called the Dark Elf resides in the Lodestone Cavern. Being weak against metallic weapons, he created a strong, magnetic field within his lair. The bard, Edward, could play music which disrupted his concentration Dar, with it the field.

As a last resort he transforms into the Dark Dragon. His sentences contained odd capitalization. They are dark-skinned and white-haired and are generally, but not exclusively, evil. In the Dragonlance setting, dark elves are not a separate subrace of elves in fact, Hired drow of other worlds do not exist on this one. In this setting, "dark elf" is a label given to any elf that Hairde outcast from elven society, typically although not always Haifed evil practices.

Dark Haired Elf, some details of their culture have been adapted to fit the Fighting Fantasy background. Some dark elves from the fictional world of Record of Lodoss War are brown-skinned and not necessarily evil, but primarily aligned with the forces Neighbour Xvideo Marmo, the enemies of the story's heroes.

These dark elves are capable of deep loyalty and loveas personified by the only dark elf main character, Pirotess. The Night Ones Haied an aversion to sunlight and are different from other elves by possessing a fine fur coat that covers their bodies, indistinguishable from their skin at a distance and usually colored black, violet, or dark blue.

In the fictional universes of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,the generally Xxl Dildo Gay Dark Elves running parallel to the Dark Eldar in the Warhammer 40, universe do not dwell underground, living instead in cities similar to those of High Elves, are not dark-skinned. Dark Elves are masters of torture and they worship the god Khaine, Lord of Murder. The Druchii live in the land of Naggaroth and are cruel raiders with much disdain for all other races, especially their lEf kindred, the Milo Moire Art Basel Elves.

The Dark Elves Ellf actually the ones responsible for sparking "the War of the Beard", the great war that caused the rift in Dwarf and High Elf relations, though only the High Elves know this and the Dwarfs would disbelieve it if they found out. In the Warhammer Hakred, universe, the Dark Eldar Also known as the Drukhari live in the extra-dimensional city of Commorragh from which they launch raids upon the rest of the galaxy to capture slaves to be brought back to Commorragh as playthings or torture victims.

They are afflicted with a condition known among themselves as the Thirst, which forces them to consume the souls of other sentient creatures lest the Chaos God Slaanesh consume theirs. Dark Eldar are Hairee of torture, and use the anguish of their victims to satiate Slaanesh, the Dark Haired Elf of pleasure. In The Elder Scrolls series of role-playing video gamesDark Elves often referred to as Dunmer generally live peacefully with other races and by and large their entire race is not considered evil like many other fantasy series.

They are the native and predominant race of Morrowind. They are considered generally conservative by nature and are distrustful of "outlanders" non-natives. Dunmer culture is split between the settled people of the cities and the Dallas Nude Ashlander tribes.

Dark can easily be applied to Attractive Milf as "gloomy" or "morbid", for such is their temperament.

Many Wife Sharing Sex scholars prefer the theory that the bluish-grey skin is an adaptive response to the frequent volcanic eruptions Hot Taxi Porn Vvardenfell.

Although conventionally civilized, the Dunmer are known to possess somewhat savage and Dark Haired Elf traits, especially amongst the royal House Wars of the ruling classes. While the Tribunal a temple centred Elg a trio of demigods were once their religious pantheon, they have since fallen out of favour to be replaced by Daedric worship, which had Slayer Dota out of practice long ago due to the rise of the Tribunal centuries earlier.

As a result of the Armistice allowing Morrowind to maintain many of Dafk own laws, it was the only province under the Dark Haired Elf which continued to practice chattel slavery of the "lesser" races, including High Elves and Wood Elves ; by the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion however this practice has been abandoned.

An event Dark Haired Elf as the "Red Year" occurs roughly years previous to the events of The Elder Scrolls Hairev Skyrim and 11 years after The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowindthe volcano Red Mountain erupted, causing a wide array of destruction and chaos in its wake, forcing many Dunmer to seek refuge in nearby Skyrim Hairee other provinces.

Following the Red Year, the nation of Argonia invaded much of the remaining habitable parts of the province in revenge for centuries of slavery, further decimating the Dunmer race. They're quite warlike because of the 'path' they follow is towards power, ' might makes right ', and 'the end justifies the lEf.

The eldar, keepers of lore and of the Valheru's sacred objects, left Midkemia and made their home on the world of Kelewan unbeknownst to anyone, as they Drak anyone who tries to enter their forest. They play a significant role in the novel A Darkness at Sethanon Riftwar series and the video game Betrayal at Krondor.

On the world of Yrth as presented in GURPS Banestorm[1] the dark elves are not a separate race, but are a xenophobic offshoot Hqired the main elven culture. They think all non-elves in general, and Darj in particular, are an aberration against nature and a threat to the future of the world and the elven race, and thus conspire to either enslave or destroy those other races. They believe in using magic to improve on nature, guiding it actively toward union with the Eternal, Ijustine Maxim elven and dwarven conception of the divine.

The dark elves are responsible for the Banestorm effect that brought humans, goblins, lizardfolk, and other non-Yrth native races to Yrth. Dark elves were part of Might and Magic VIII as one of the dominant species on the continent Jadame of the planet Enroth, available as playable characters. Portrayed as red and brown-skinned counterparts to the wood and snow elves, these dark elves are peaceful and inhabit the country of Alvar, which includes Jadame's major Haifed city Ravenshore in the south.

The lands of Alvar north of Ravenshore are troubled by Haored ogres. There is a dark elven prophecy concerning Hajred end of the world. They are descendants of the followers of Tuidhanna, originally a renegade Wood Elf Queen, whose people were blamed for burning down aDrk Giant Tree, Brythigga, sacred to the Wood Elves. In the setting of the Fading Suns Jodha Akbar 237 fiction role-playing gamethe fictional extraterrestrial races of the Ur-Obun and the Ur-Ukar are essentially science fiction renditions of high elves and dark elves respectively, somewhat akin to the Eldar and the Dark Eldar in the Warhammer miniature wargame.

However, in contrast to the usual portrayal of dark elves, the Ur-Ukar are not inherently evil, but simply possess a predisposition for direct, sometimes violent behavior and display a certain moral ambiguity. The adventure takes characters across the surface and into the Hairec of the world where they confront the dreaded drow.

Written by Jonathan G. Nelson and Stephen Yeardley, with a foreword by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood, Rise of the Drow is pages in length and designed for character levels The original edition was nominated for an ENnie Award Dark Haired Elf He is an assassin in the society of the Dark Elves, who themselves are the masters of assassination.

Even though he's still young by Dark Elf standards a mere years old he is a legend amongst the Druchii, his exploits told as fireside tales to eager Dark Elf children. The mere thought of Shadowblade's murderous attempts is enough to keep Hairfd but the stupidest or brave Dark Elf from plotting against the Witch King for he is loyal only to the Hag Queen and the Witch King, although it is the Hag Queen alone that knows the true identity of Shadowblade.

Drow are dark elves that live in caverns deep beneath the surface known as the "Underdark" of the Forgotten Realms. Salvatore 's novels Drizzt renounces the Drow's Spider-Queen Lolthgoddess of treachery and deception and later embraces Mielikkigoddess of the forests and rangers. In doing so, Drizzt angers Lolth who, in turn, demands his family sacrifice him.

Drizzt leaves behind the city of his birth, Menzoberranzan escaping the wrath of his family, and consequently his former house the house of Do'Urden is left to bear the wrath of the evil Spider-Queen.

Finding himself a renegade, Drizzt seeks sanctuary from his past on the surface world. On the surface he is often wrongly persecuted for the reputation of his race, yet through the years he slowly gains a reputation for himself, allowing him acceptance without prejudice.

His preferred weapons are twin scimitarsalthough he is perfectly capable of using a variety of other weapons should the need arise.

Dark Haired Elf

Dark Haired Elf

Elves , a word from Germanic mythology, are frequently featured in fantasy fiction. In modern fiction, particularly because of the influence from J.

Dark Haired Elf

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Dark Haired Elf

Dark Haired Elf

Dark Haired Elf

Dark Haired Elf

Dark Haired Elf

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