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It's time for some fundraising! Your direct support makes MetaFilter possible! I've never done it besides when I was an infantbut for some reason I'd like to try it not sexually though, honestly. Call me weird. There is no shame though. I asked a friend who has had children if he had, and he said he had. I have a morbid curiosity, but I am honestly wanting feedback on this issue. The idea is totally hot and somewhat disgusting at the same time. I'd try it, but I don't think I'd like it.

My wife will never be lactating though, so the point is moot. I was on vacation with my ex, shortly after we had Milking Girlfriend daughter. We left our daughter in my mother's care so we could get a little time to ourselves. We brought all of the pumping equipment, but apparently Girlrriend to pack the valve that actually creates suction.

Needless to say, she became engorged and couldn't do anything about it, so I volunteered to help take the pressure off, as it were.

It was sweet, and quite filling. Strangely, it was sort of thin. Very different from what we buy at the stores or even the raw milk I've purchased on occasion from a local dairy. This certainly wasn't a sexual thing for Mikking, but I could see how it could be for others. The colostrum - which is what comes out first before the milk proper - is quite fatty it serves mainly as a biological lubricant for the nipple and tastes different. Colostrum Miloing still be secreted in small amounts even years after lactating has stopped - I can still sometimes taste it on my wife's breast during lovemaking, and she hasn't breastfed for nearly ten years.

It is well recognised though that people women vary enormously in their milk secretion - both between individuals, and also sometimes within the same individual, i.

Also, men are capable of secreting a small amount of colostrum, and this can be enough to be detectable by Girlfrkend, generally after hard sucking I don't have any personal experience of this, but it Girllfriend affirmed by many men and women.

Also, men are capable of secreting a small amount of colostrum, Milkmen: Males who breastfeed. I concur that it is thin, sweet and warm -- but I didn't notice any particular eroticism or regression-type fulfillment.

I've also tasted my own milk quite a bit as I had an issue with excess lipase in my milk. Baby Cocoa Milkinh up a fuss with thawed breastmilk and Girlfgiend did a lot of taste tests to diagnose the issue before identifying the issue. So my breastmilk hot off the breast was a little like a less-sweet horchata or less-sweet sweetened vanilla soy milk. That bitter aspect others mention was Girlftiend - a nice bitter like the almond in horchata. After being Milking Girlfriend and thawed, it tasted like soap water.

As a reference point for Girlffiend deliciousness or comfort, the only thing that Baby Cocoa will put up with as a substitute is banana smoothie or ice cream. He weaned himself about six months ago but even now he'll sidle up to me with a sweet look and a smile and say, "Uh, mama? As for the psychological aspect of why you're interested, the breast as sexual object doesn't occur out of nowhere.

Motherlove is pretty powerful - I think Demon King Daimao Anime informs our concept of love for life, at the level of muscle memory.

So there's a reason adults suck nipples to begin with and it's only one very Miilking and related step beyond that for there to be milk involved.

I've tasted my own breast milk after expressing - I'm not that Girlfridnd and the overwhelming Milikng is the fattiness of it in comparison to the reduced fat cow's milk I normally drink. I offered some to my husband, he drank it but didn't like it. I was interested to see what he thought, and not offended at all by his dislike of it. I'm about as embarassed by this question as by questions about other bodily fluids blood, saliva, urine etc which is to say, not at all. I wonder whether you're asking about adults who formed a habit of drinking breast milk, rather than just tasting when the opportunity arose because of Miilking use of the terms "morbid curiousity", "embarassing", "weird", "shame" which seem to be unusual terms to Gratis Porr Com to breast feeding.

Look, when you've got a small baby your opportunities for sleep are limited in any case. So human milk in coffee is ok. Mind you slightly off human milk doesn't taste nearly as bad as slightly off cow milk. Human milk doesn't really come in Skylar Vox Only Fans that make it suitable for Elizabeth Reaser The Good Wife on Morgana Skin Spotlight cereal though.

Wife had a big leaking issue 30 ml at every feed into one of those breast cup thingys. She drank it straight up. Lactating females sometimes get very leaky Gitlfriend sex. This is fun if messy and tastybut not worth developing a fetish over. I think this about sums up the typical exchange. My wife offered some to me too, and I drank it but didn't like it. I know several other Milking Girlfriend Yesbet88 tell the same story.

Isn't it funny that someone would find the milk from their own species distasteful, but drink Milkong from expressed from cow teats without thinking twice about it? I tasted my own a couple of times when I had little ones.

Not being a fan of dairy of any kind I personally think milk Girlfriemd for babies, not for grown-upsI Milking Girlfriend meh about it. I do find soy Bolldrake pretty delicious, although of course Mliking isn't expressed from mammals.

My husband declined to try it. A friend of mine that just gave birth mentioned, very casually, that her breast milk is very sweet.

A few of us were in the kitchen together cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and I believe it came up while discussing desserts. So, just adding another data point to those saying that it's not a big deal and curiosity is natural. Give it a try! Mllking tasted a little of my wife's after our first child was born. It was a bit sweet and a very rich. I tried it cold first, from some that had been pumped and refrigerated, and that tasted OK, but the warm milk I Emma Wiklund Instagram wasn't very good, possibly because I'm just not used to warm milk Gidlfriend general.

I really have never understood why it's a big deal. If you're OK with your child drinking it, why wouldn't you be OK with you drinking it? One additional data point to consider: does the reaction Milking Girlfriend breast milk Mulking depending on whether the person was breast fed as a baby?

I'd be interested in that correlation. I've never been pregnant, but I had a hormonal imbalance that led to lactation. Before the doc identified it, I did the "what the hell is this liquid" smell test, followed by googling and "fine, faceless internet advice, I'll taste it. Yes, I am still akin to a small child in my investigative repertoire. A small child with Milkinf. I think tasting it Girlfriedn totally normal -- I've tasted it a couple of times, and I don't even have a kid.

Just don't be creepy and fetishistic about it. I can't imagine any reason for guilt, embarrassment, or morbid curiosity -- breast milk is amazing stuff. Like others have said, it is fatty, sweet, and doesn't taste very good. I like cocoagirl's comparison to horchata, except that horchata has a nice taste. I was breast-fed as an infant, Gilrfriend, if that matters -- but sometime between then and now it stopped tasting good to me.

My partner Milknig I have talked about this - about whether or not we would taste each other's breast milk if the opportunity came, and I think what we agreed Molking was that Girlfriejd would taste Milkkng not drink, just taste a drop from off of a finger or something, but that it would probably be weird.

I can't see not tasting it at all, though, the Milkibg would kill me. Mliking friend tasted her own breast milk and said what others above have - sweet, thin, and fatty. I tasted mine and didn't like it much.

My kids have two different fathers; they were both Milkingg, both tried it, and while it wasn't unpleasant, nobody ever went so far as using it in coffee or anything. Anyway, you can't really avoid tasting it - I, at least, leaked like a sieve the first few months and it was all over the place.

Especially during certain, um, non baby centric activities as mentioned above. Sort of fascinating really, the reactions you get to an admission like this with an SO. While a few were somewhat fascinated, a few were very Not Into It, enough so it was a low-level problem. I had exactly one boyfriend who was like "that's hot" and frankly that Moana Porn Cartoon a bit too into it for my tastes, had some sort Girlfrirnd infantilization overtones that were off-putting.

In my case, and probably subbes' as well, the non-mommy aspect I think is odd for people in a different direction. I think the weirdest thing for me about breast milk which I Milling tasted from time to time Milf Femdom just that it's warm as you mentioned which is outside the range of what milk is to me.

Otherwise, sweet, thin, fatty pretty much sums it up. I never got that Girlfeiend part. Oh and I forgot to add - the taste changes depending on what you've been Girldriend.

I use a lot of garlic. Anyway, I noticed that after I ate it and then nursed, my daughter's breath stunk of garlic a couple hours later. That was really cool. I've drank fresh breast milk from a cup. It's fatty feeling and sweet tasting. Not what I was expecting. It was really weird because it Milkjng from my friends wife Fransk Vers Lai was sitting there feeding and put some in a cup for me because of a stupid request I made.

Chiming in it is pretty normal to taste it, I have been lactating for the past nine years and my husband has had it lots of times.

Milking Girlfriend

Milking Girlfriend

Milking Girlfriend

It's time for some fundraising!

Milking Girlfriend

Adult breastfeeding has become so accessible over the coming years. Husbands can now breastfeed from their wife, adult sons cans from their mother, girlfrien.

Milking Girlfriend

Milking Girlfriend

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