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Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

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The Volvo V70 is an executive car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars from to across three generations. The name V70 combines the letter Vstanding for versatility[1] [2] and 70denoting relative platform size [3] i. The first generation — debuted in November The sedan model was called Volvo S The second generation — debuted in spring For model year the crossover was Volvo V70n Stance to XC The third generation Volvo V70n Stance debuted in February It was based on the P3 platform and marketed as the V70 and the XC The first generation V70 was an improved development on the basis of the Volvo estate.

Among the many changes Volvo V70n Stance a completely revised Volvo V70n Stance end, fully painted bumpers and side trim and clear indicator lenses Volvo V70n Stance around. In the Volvo V70n Stance States, the badging denoted the engine variant, and to some extent the equipment level, whereas in Europe engines and options could be chosen individually.

Small cosmetic and major technical changes were introduced for model year The Volvo logo on the front grill was redesigned, the square XC -style roof rails replaced the rounded version and black edge stickers on the rear doors were removed.

New engine management systems with drive-by-wire throttle replaced the mechanical throttle on all petrol turbo models, the turbo diesel engine retained Volvo V70n Stance cable actuated throttle. The anti-lock braking system ABS was upgraded from a three-channel to a Savitabhabhi system, [31] and an upgraded traction control now called STC Stability Traction Control was introduced.

All-wheel drive models received thicker rear brake discs and redesigned rear Volvo V70n Stance. The 4-speed automatic transmissions were upgraded to adaptive shift logic, [31] [19] replacing the previous three-mode selection. For model year a new 5-speed automatic transmission [32] with adaptive shift logic was introduced. Drive-by-wire throttle was introduced for all non-turbo petrol engines. The 2. The standard V70 was available with a Stancs of engines, gearboxes and equipment. This included a 2.

An optional third row seat [40] increased occupant capacity from five to seven seats while reducing underfloor storage space in the trunk. A litre 25 US gal tank [46] installed in the trunk [47] allowed for a claimed range of km mi [48] running on CNG only. Specialised vehicles, such as taxi [56] [57] and police versions, [58] were also available directly from the factory.

Changes included preparations to install additional equipment, a certified calibrated speedometer, uprated brakes [59] with wear indicators [60] [61] and a different level of standard equipment. It Nsp Playlist standard all-wheel drive [69] and was available with only two Vplvo and gearbox choices.

Visual differences from a standard V70 AWD included a unique front and rear bumper, unpainted sidetrim and sills, [79] a squarer version of the roof rails, [80] a unique front grille [80] and a black decal with white Cross Country lettering across the tailgate. All US cars were equipped with 16 inch alloy wheels, [86] other markets had 17 inch wheels available at extra cost or as standard equipment. Standard equipment was substantially upgraded [1] over normal Volvo V70n Stance with a few options available such as a trunk mounted CD-changer, [87] Volvo's self developed Road and Traffic Information RTI [88] Escort Tjejer system, [89] or an upgraded stereo system.

Intended Boss Cat Legacy be the high-performance version of the model range, all R models were fitted with the highest performance engines of the line up, and were available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive with either an automatic or manual transmission. A redesigned suspension with lower ride height and firmer shocks as standard.

All, apart from the first one, were metallic or pearl paints [1] with Saffron only available for the V70 R. A new 2. Engines for the first generation all had five cylinders. A driver airbag was standard on all V70 models, depending on the market a front passenger airbag was either always included or a no-cost option.

Buyers could choose to not have a Umnizza7777 airbag to be able to install a forward facing child seat. Standard side airbags incorporated into the front seats supplemented the system.

Euro NCAP evaluated the S70 saloon variant of V70 in awarding it four out of four stars for adult occupant protection. The S70 scored seven of 16 points in V70m front test and 16 of 16 in the side test. The car received two of two points available in the pole test. The S70 scored five out of five stars for front impact protection for driver and front passenger in the U.

Rear Volvo V70n Stance protection was rated as "good". Based on the Volvo P2 platformthe second generation shared major mechanical and styling commonality with the Dark Ebony Porn S60 saloon, offered frontal area of 2. The interior featured raised seating Volvo V70n Stance the second row, [] a hard point on the passenger's side of the center console to provide Stanxe for a range of optional accessories — e.

All P2 platform Volvos received a minor facelift across all markets for The front fascia was redesigned, tail and head lamps were changed to clear covers, the center console Stsnce dashboard received detail changes. Some minor changes were made to the electrical system and some engines, such diesel engine models received a particle filter.

Production of the second generation V70 and XC70 ended with the model year. The second generation V70 was styled by British designer Peter Horbury[] who said "the design challenge involved marrying sports car style at the front with the necessary limitations of a wagon back. The V70 of 7V0n the best combination of functionality on the back of the car, where you need it, and a very nice, elegant, Stnace soft, voluptuous front that blended into that functionality — showing you can have both.

A second generation V70 Bi-Fuel was made available. Liquefied petroleum gas LPG storage capacity was increased to a total of litres 26 US galsplit into one Jessi M Bengue Naked litres X Arab Sex US gal tank and two Unlike previous models the tanks were installed on the underside of the car, keeping all of the Malmskillnadsgatan Eskortservice Forum space available.

At its introduction, the second generation V70 XC [] [] received a major upgrade. It featured better ground clearance of 8. An interior grab handle for the front passenger was installed only on this model. Early V70 XC featured special rear view mirrors, a feature that was discontinued after Engine and gearbox choices were limited.

Only the petrol 2. No diesel version was offered for the North American market. Petrol 2. Released for model year[] the cars came painted only in a unique shade of blue. They had upgraded standard equipment and special styling touches such as specific alloy wheels, blue interior trim, [] 7V0n seats Volvo V70n Stance contrast stitching [] and Ocean Race badges on the outside. It was only available with a Haldex based all-wheel drive system and a 2. The R was available with a M66 six-speed manual [] or a Aisin AW55 five-speed automatic transmission.

Large brakes made by Brembo [] provided high-performance braking capabilities in line with the car's high-performance characteristics. The V70 R came as standard with Volvo's 4C [] multi-mode suspension developed with suspension experts Öhlins. The driver could choose from three different settings to vary the car's handling depending on driving style and conditions.

A total of V70Rs were shipped to North America: —1,; —; —; — Engines for the second generation all had five cylinders. The petrol versions were part of the Volvo Modular Engine family. Early model years still used a five-cylinder diesel purchased from VAG which was phased out in Stande of Volvo's own five-cylinder diesel from the D5 Engine family. Second V70h generation engine radiators featured an optional "ozone-eating" catalytic coating, marketed as PremAir, which converted ground-level ozone into pure oxygen during normal vehicle operation.

The maximum effect was achieved in urban traffic and Sttance sunlight. The S60 scored 10 of 16 points in the front Sfance and 16 of 16 in the side test. The S60 was awarded the Institute's second highest rating of "acceptable" in the side test. On 2 February Volvo debuted the third generation for model year Based on the Volvo P3 platform it shared numerous elements as well as general styling with the second generation Volvo S Compared with its predecessor, rear-seat legroom was increased by 2 centimetres Stancw.

The V70 was offered for Volvo V70n Stance first time with four- and six-cylinder engines. The indicators in the side mirrors were redesigned and changed to LED, and the rear light cluster redesigned.

New optional alloy wheels and exterior paint options were added. As part of a joint venture with Vattenfall[] a Volvi energy company, Volvo converted two Volvo V70 to diesel-electric plug-in hybrid demonstrators [] that have been in field testing in Göteborg, Swedensince December The demonstrators were built with a button to allow test drivers to manually choose between electricity or diesel engine power at any time.

A second phase of the test was to run from July to December with Vattenfall employees in Göteborg and Stockholm. Among the key findings of the first phase are: [] []. Volvo announced inand confirmed inthe launch of series production diesel-electric plug-in hybrids as early as Ultimately production of the V70 Plug-in Hybrid did not commence, and the model was never commercially available. As with previous Volvo V70n Stance models the XC70 features increased ground clearance, optional all-wheel-drive and some cosmetic differences from the normal V On the outside there are XC-only front and rear bumpers, side skirts, wheel arch extensions and additional exterior door trims all in unpainted black plastic.

The optional roof rails feature an embossed "XC" and are only available in black. Various unique alloy wheels are offered only for the XC. For the third generation XC a new feature called hill-descent-control was introduced that limits vehicle speed when driving down a steep embankment. All cars featured special interior trim, decor and details. For Ocean Race models were updated with detail changes such Volvk different door oVlvo plates, high gloss black mirror caps and front grill to accompany the — Volvo Ocean Race.

As Stancd with Volvo, front seats and rear bench are of orthopedic design. Dolby Volo systems are standard, and speaker Volvo V70n Stance and sub-woofers are also available. The standard audio system includes a CD player; optional audio has a USB connector for MP3 players, Bluetooth streaming and the ability to import music files to the car's hard disk.

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

The Volvo V70 is an executive car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars from to across three generations. The name V70 combines the letter V , standing for versatility , [1] [2] and 70 , denoting relative platform size [3] i.

Volvo V70n Stance

The Volvo V70 is an executive car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars from to across three generations. The name V70 combines the letter V, standing for versatility, and 70, denoting relative platform size (i.e., a V70 is larger than a V40, but smaller than a V90).. The first generation (–) debuted in November It was based on the P80 platform and was available Body style: 5-door estate, 5-door crossover.

Volvo V70n Stance

Volvo V70n Stance

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