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Nowadays, it seems like behind every great wrestler there is an even greater wife who either escorts them to the ring or is a talented wrestler in her own right. Mother of three Kim Kessler started dating Orton in Michaels was renowned for being the biggest Rebecca Curci heartthrob of his time, but Curci had won his heart. The couple eloped to Las Vegas in and swiftly tied the knot.

Since that no-nonsense wedding, Sean Donald Duck Porn Rebecca have been happy together and even have Rebecca Curci children. The female wrestler also known as Eden, has kept her private life in the ring.

This experience paved the Rebecca Curci for her big break when she became an announcer for WWE. When she was given the task to interview Cody for the first time, it was love at first sight and they have been inseparable ever since.

Now Mrs. Maryse Mizanin, both love telling the online world about how well their relationship is going, constantly posting photos on social media. Although she is now retired, Maryse is happy to just kick back at ringside and cheer on her husband.

And Stone Cold Steve Austin has had his fair share of love interests since entering the ring in the early nineties. Sincethe couple have been happily married and spend their time between Marina Del Rey, California and Tilden, Texas. One of the longest standing marriages on this list has been between SmackDown on-screen commissioner Shane McMahon and his gorgeous wife, Marissa Mazzola.

The couple tied the knot on September 14th, and have never looked back, having three Rebecca Curci during their time together. The first came when he met his beautiful wife, Karina Steen. The second came well into their marriage when the NXT champion stepped up to the challenge and took on John Cena in the U. Open Challenge. In what turned out to be an absolute shock, Owens slammed Cena onto the canvas.

One of the least recognized names on this list, this is mainly due to the fact that Bennett has never featured on a major wrestling network. No matter how hard they try, it seems like Nattie Neidhart and Tyson Kidd are unable to avoid drama in their lives. Whenever something goes wrong, something seems to keep pulling them back to one another.

She was one of the biggest female names in wrestling during her heyday. Now married to Edge, the couple has another title to their long string of honors — parents. InBeth and Edge had a baby. The big Parti Sex Video, also known as Paul Rebecca Curci Wight II, married for the second time on February 11, and the two lovers have two children together.

Bess must be happy too because her husband is retiring in the near future. But he eventually Semi Sexuel on and found someone better in the form of Reby Sky.

Hardy trained the aspiring female wrestler before tying Rebecca Curci knot. But Hardy and Sky have since overcome their issues and reconciled. But what was his secret? For Lauryn Laine McBride, it was his sense of humor that swept her off her feet. Despite being much younger than Lawler, McBride has accepted his proposal and the couple are currently engaged.

A talented wrestler in her own right, Naomi became one-half of a dynamic wrestling couple when she married popular wrestler Jimmy Uso. Before her nuptials, Naomi starred as Diva on the E! But her place on the show was jeopardized sadly, due to the news that she had got married to Uso. However, since the WWE wrestler has faced a long term injury, Naomi is now making a name for herself once again.

And his girlfriend has also made a living for herself in the ring, albeit at Rebecca Curci lower level. And it seems like the relationship has been going well so far. They are quite the beautiful couple. She started off as the manager of Bulgarian wrestler Rusev.

She has often been seen as the face of the double act, while Rusev has provided the muscle. There is no denying the popularity of The Rock. Sincethe wrestler turned Hollywood superstar has been dating the singer Lauran Hashian. But despite not getting married yet, Dwayne Johnson and Hashian have already had a baby girl together. When Glenn Jacobs burst onto the wrestling scene as the demonic Kane, fans went wild and wrestlers were terrified by his ominous presence and horrific pyrotechnics.

The wrestler still reeks havoc to this day. Crystal had two daughters with Jacobs and outside of wrestling, the couple also run an insurance company together.

College Girl Porn McCool seems to have had a big part to play in that. The couple has shared photos of their holidays together, as well as nights out to Rebecca Curci events.

They got married in and had a daughter together. CEO Vince must be really proud of his little girl, who has grown into a powerful figure both inside and outside the ring. And ultimately, the wrestling network is the reason why she was introduced to Triple H in the first place. With time, the scripted relationship has become a genuine one.

Sarah Backman gave Bo Dallas a run for his money after spending a lot of time in the gym. The blonde Swede has reaped the benefits of her fitness regimen. The former wife of Olympic medalist Kurt Angle jumped ship in when she married wrestler, Jeff Jarrett. So the next time she stepped into the ring, she performed as Karen Jarrett. To this day, Karen and Jeff are still happily married and have two kids. But still, Karen has retained her stunning physique after her previous work as an exotic dancer.

And even though Rebecca Curci is over 40 years old, Karen still looks fantastic. After journalist Young got the opportunity to interview the rugged wrestler, the pair hit it off instantly. The acrobatic Ghanaian wrestler has shown Rebecca Curci his stunning wife on many occasions at WWE events. Kofi and Kori have two children together and when Kingston is not on tour with the rest of the Smackdown roster, the family live happily together in Tampa, Florida.

When Sharmell Sullivan and Booker T joined forces, they self-ordained each other and became wrestling royalty, literally.

Inonly a couple of Rebecca Curci before both retiring, they got married and decided to build a family together. Can you dig it, sucker? InBray Wyatt tied the knot Rebecca Curci his beautiful girlfriend, Samantha. But five years and two kids later, their marriage took an extreme turn for the worse. Feeling completely betrayed by the man also known as Windham Lawrence Rotunda, Samantha filed for divorce in June The other half of the notorious Bella Rebecca Curci, Brie, also tied the knot with a professional wrestler.

Daniel Bryan asked for her hand in marriage and without hesitation, Rebecca Curci said yes to him in Even though Brie and Nikki gave themselves the reputations of being WWE heels, Bryan was able to tame the beast and give Brie some much-needed love from the fans. And inthe Rebecca Curci had a baby girl, naming her Birdie Joe Danielson. Swagger and Hager have had two kids since getting married.

The Olympic gold medallist joined the WWE in and during that time, has been married twice. His first wife is now married to another wrestler in the form of Jeff Jarrett. But Angle has since moved on and married the lovely Giovanna Yannotti in The two have also built a family together, Rebecca Curci three daughters. Before Roman Reigns Rebecca Curci a professional wrestler, he played college football. It was during this time Rebecca Curci he met his wife, Galina Becker.

After a two year engagement, Reigns and Becker tied the knot in and shortly after, the couple had a baby girl. High school Rebecca Curci college sweethearts are becoming a rarer thing as time goes on.

But these two are no typical couple and have stood the test of time. If we were Reigns, we would stay with Becker. He even had a successful stint working for the WWE, becoming an instant fan favorite. And now it looks like these two very attractive wrestlers are going to go all the way after announcing their engagement in We wish them the best.

The couple met in high school Prohob despite numerous rumors Nofap Bodybuilding infidelity on both sides of the relationship, all speculation has been squashed by both Lockhart and Jericho. They reassured fans that they have always been faithful to one another and Jericho even got a tattoo of her name on his wedding ring finger.

The Jerichos have three children. However, without his wife and four kids, the wrestler may not have achieved those things. According to Christian A. She was in the right place at the right time and met a famous wrestler. Ever since she met WWE star Christian Cage while traveling, they have been inseparable for the last 15 years. Denise, originally from Germany, was spotted by Christian while he was touring around England. Since that fateful encounter, they got married in and had a baby daughter together.

Sometimes, two wrestlers end up falling in love after locking arms in the ring. After many encounters in the ring and behind the scenes, the Rebecca Curci eventually started dating.

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

Nowadays, it seems like behind every great wrestler there is an even greater wife who either escorts them to the ring or is a talented wrestler in her own right. Mother of three Kim Kessler started dating Orton in

Rebecca Curci

11/02/ · Rebecca Curci is a well known actress who rose her fame for WCW Monday Nitro in , The Shawn Michaels Story: Heartbreak and Triumph in and WWE Judgment Day in She is also known as the better half of Shawn Michaels who is a famous wrestler. Rebecca was born on June 16, in Tampa, Florida, 46 Years Old.

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

Rebecca Curci

11/09/ · Rebecca Curci is the Wife of Shawn Michaels. Rebecca Curci, who after her to retired professional American wrestler Shawn Michaels whose birth name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, identifies herself as Rebecca Curci inroom.guru first met her husband at Gold's Gym through a mutual inroom.guru: Yujesh Kc.

Their initial function was to dance and entertain the live crowds during commercial breaks. Their main focus was to entertain the live fans during the commercials of Monday Nitro. The Nitro Girls filmed their own pay-per-view , dubbed "The Nitro Girls Swimsuit Calendar Special" which aired on August 3, [2] and was later released on home video. At Halloween Havoc , she claimed that Ric Flair spanked her 14 times after she was going to drug his son David Flair in a hotel room. Diamond Dallas Page wrestled Ric Flair in a strap match. On the November 1, episode of Nitro , Kimberly quit the group as a result of her husband being injured by David Flair; she then ran him over with her car. Jazz over the new leadership position and won.

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