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Cookie Lyon Outfits

Cookie Lyon Outfits

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There are a lot of reasons why audiences tune in to watch Empire. The drama. The music. And, above all, the outrageous fashion. Customs aren't always the first thing one pays attention to when it comes to television shows. Unless we're talking about Project Runwaypeople focus on the plot and the narrative rather than what characters X, Y, and Z are wearing. But this is where Empire wins all of the awards.

And especially in the case of Cookie, the badass matriarch of the Lyon family, her scandalous and one-of-a-kind fashion choices only add to what's an already complex and out-of-the-box type of character. Cookie has blessed us with dozens of fantastic looks. With that being said, it's time to rank Cookie Lyon's ten best outfits on the show Empire.

There's only one person in this world who can get away with wearing bright red with golden chains in bright daylight. And that person is, of course, Cookie Lyon, here to prove to you that you can be over the top and still look like a fashion icon.

Wearing the devil's favorite color from head to toe, the full latex outfit looks like something only a powerful dominatrix could wear. Which is why it fits so incredibly well with Cookie's character!

Plus, she went even further with the look, by making sure she accessorized with a matching purse by Moschino and purple lipstick. What kind of madwoman wears purple lipstick with an all-red and golden latex outfit and somehow makes it work?! Cookie Lyon, that's who. It just doesn't make sense, so why even consider it? It's usually best to play safe and leave it for the sexy underwear usually reserved for Valentine's Day.

But Cookie isn't here to play safe, is Cookie Lyon Outfits This is the woman who will wear a long-sleeved, see-through lace sweater and pair it with a skirt. And just in case that wasn't enough, she'll make sure to throw in a golden statement belt as well. It's no secret Cookie Lyon Outfits anyone that Cookie Lyon cleans up well, and she breaks all the boundaries while doing it as well. But it still deserves a spot on this list, because it's a departure from the outrageous patterns and color Lyon usually goes for, without completely losing her personality.

The details of the bow on the top and the gigantic lotus necklace are what take this outfit to the next level and let you know that Cookie is in it to win it, China Pee Eggs. We couldn't make this list and not Filmregister the spectacular outfit Cookie was wearing when we were first introduced to her on the show.

Everybody who watches Empire knows that leopard is Mrs. Lyon's favorite color, right? She probably owns every single piece of apparel known to men in some version of it. The reason why this particular look is so iconic it's because it tells you immediately who Cookie is, and what she's all about, without her having to even open her mouth. She's gorgeous, she's stylish, and she's here to stir things up.

Probably not the best choice for must of us to wear on our first day on the job If you take away the purple fur, it's a somewhat simple look, but the addition of all the details is what makes this such a stunning outfit. So much so that this lady over here will walk into the meeting without even considering taking that fluffy off. It's part of the outfit, and she's going to keep Cookie Lyon Outfits on!

Plus, we have to commend Cookie for the addition of the lipstick that matches the fur down to absolute perfection. We gave you a fair warning about the fur! You can actually think of this look as a two for one. A nod to Jamal for looking absolutely gorgeous in this white and golden ensemble. But it's Mama Cookie who takes the cake on Paheal Net one, as she always does when it comes down to a battle of the outfits.

Leave Cookie Lyon Outfits to Cookie to look like an absolute Goddess in nothing but a full-length white coat embellished with golden details. What really drives this look home is the particularly beautiful addition of a braided ponytail and, of course, the lipstick. She has the coat, she has Kitty Caprice hat, and she has the bag.

All of them match, and all of them make fashion-bloggers everywhere drool into their television screens. Once again, the devil is in the details. At this point, we're pretty inclined to believe Cookie really did wake up like this. Nope, Cookie does not know her. Okay, that's probably a little much. But she looks like Cookie Lyon Outfits was dipped in a pool of melted gold and put to dry under the sun rays of Tuscany. The best thing about this look is that, much like the first outfit we saw her in, it screams powerful businesswoman.

The addition of the black top keeps this look from tipping over onto the ridiculous side, keeping it elegant and strong instead. Plus, the signature lipstick and golden accessories are enough to let you know Cookie will do business with you, but she will also fight you. Can we all just unanimously agree that red is Cookie's ultimate color? The woman looks stunning in pretty much everything she wears, but she whips out the red, she literally looks like she could set things on fire using only the power of her eyes.

And if you add fur, that's a recipe for an outstanding look. Ten points to Cookie Lyon! Empire has Pornhub Upskirt us a lot of joy in the costume departmentbut this look, in particular, will do down in the history of television as one of the greatest looks to ever be put together. And Cookie wears it like she was born to do it, from the hair bun down to the nails, this truly is the outfit deserving of every single award.

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Cookie Lyon Outfits

Cookie Lyon Outfits

Cookie Lyon Outfits

There are a lot of reasons why audiences tune in to watch Empire. The drama.

Cookie Lyon Outfits

12/11/ · It’s all about the individual and personal style.” -Alexander McQueen. Cookie Lyon Outfits. 2. ‘The Outspoken King’. “Keep your heels, head and standards high.” -Coco Chanel. Cookie Lyon Empire. 4. ‘False Imposition’. “When in doubt, wear red.” -Bill inroom.guruted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Cookie Lyon Outfits

Cookie Lyon Outfits

Cookie Lyon Outfits

14/02/ · Best Cookie Lyon Empire Outfits 1. Not many people can pull off a hunter green velvet dress but Cookie Lyon did so 2. A cute gold dress paired with a gold and a blue silver fur cover? Chic and 3. Long fur coat? Check. Attitude to go with it? Check!Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.