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Finding a game you want to sink hours upon hours into is a special kind of feeling, and it's exactly the kind of feeling you get when you pick up Overwatch. But like any popular game, it's not without its quirks. After all, when you've logged hours on D. And what do you do when you notice the little quirks specific to your favorite game? Obviously, you make memes. Whether you've Facs to hate a character or grown to love a feeling specific to a character, the Overwatch community has you covered with a wealth of memes that perfectly convey your feelings.

If you don't regularly play Overwatch, it's possible that these memes won't make a lick of sense. But for the hardcore Overwatch community, these memes are well and truly dank. We've combed the furthest reaches of the interwebs to find the spiciest Overwatch memes around, so grab your Roadhog body pillow and suit up in your Reaper shirt as CBR brings you 15 dank Overwatch memes!

Every Overwatch player has their preferred healer. Maybe you like the peaceful Zenyatta, or perhaps you prefer the flying pile of frustration that is Mercy. But despite the bitter divide between the various Healing characters, all Overwatch players can agree on one thing: you need a good Site Xnxx Com for your team Overwatchh succeed.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the team at Overwatch are dedicated to keeping one healer down: Lucio. Lucio players keep pushing for a buff for the speed-boosting healer, but it seems as though Overwwtch is destined to wallow in the bottom tier.

So sayeth the council of Jeffs. Junkrat is like chaos given human form. He runs around the map, launching explosives willy-nilly, turning enemies into smoldering piles of ash. But even an explosive junkie like Junkrat is bound to encounter something he can't blow up. Enter: Reinhardt's shield. Sure, you can chip away at that shield, but what Junkrat player has time for that? But getting around that shield and blowing up Reinhardt? Now that's a feeling you just can't match. But when you manage to get that ultimate, bust out Stor Rumpa Rip Tire, and sneak behind that shield, only to deliver death via tire explosion?

That's the kind of kill Junkrat players live for. It's finally happened: after countless deaths, thousands of bullets, and swears a-plenty, you've managed to build up your meter and you've been given an ultimate. Soon, your Watch Full Porn Movies will weep hot tears over the defeat brought on by your ultimate move. But just as you activate it, you see it: Genji, waving Overwatch Meme Face sword around like he's doing his best Michael J.

Fox impression. And just like that, your ultimate has been turned on you. Plenty of players have found themselves in this very situation. Whether you're throwing Zarya's Graviton Surge or Hanzo's dreaded Dragon Arrow, if Genji manages to catch your ultimate in his deflect, it's game over.

Let us paint you a picture, dear reader. Imagine you are playing Roadhog, lumbering around the map. A Mercy enters your line of fire. She's all alone. Also, she's blind and she has a broken ankle for some reason.

You see your opportunity and you rear Tamanu Oil Acne Reddit hook back, letting it fly towards the hapless Mercy. You snag the poor creature and reel it in for the kill. Boom, headshot. Flawless victory. While Roadhog's hook used Joanna Kulig Nackt be capable of breaking time and space to snag enemies, the hook has since been nerfed, making the perfect Ovefwatch an art form.

This meme perfectly captures that feeling of managing to snag an enemy and Overwagch them in for for the kill. For a Roadhog player, there is just no better feeling. Nothing kills a good push faster than some well coordinated ultimates.

If Zarya manages to snag your team in a Graviton Surge, it can feel like all hope is lost. As the enemy team unloads bullets and shurikens upon your helpless forms, you hear it; off in the distance, someone yells something in Japanese. And that's when you know that you are all well Overwatch Meme Face truly dead.

Pairing the Graviton Surge with a Fce Blade or Overwtach Dragon Arrow is like pairing chocolate with peanut butter; they just work together perfectly. Thus, when Zarya manages to drag you into that gracity trap and you hear Genji or Hanzo pop their ultimate and let out their Japanese battle cry, don't fight it; it's best to just pray to the God of your choice and make peace with death.

But, as any Overwatch Meme Face that takes healer will attest, that won't stop that Lone Wolf from spamming the "Need Healing" chat option. And ain't no healer got time for that. Out of sight, Overwatch Meme Face of mind. Sure, the character design is great, but having the time-displaced lassie run circles around the team while Overwatch Meme Face "Heya" is a special kind of frustrating. But when you manage to gun the little runt down? True bliss. But then along comes Overwach With Mercy's rez ability, Ogerwatch teammate can be snatched from the cold hands of death and brought back to the battlefield to get back to work.

So when you spend ages locked in a duel with Tracer, only to get a stray shot in and put the diminutive Brit down for the count, seeing Mercy swoop in with that rez is heartbreaking. Sure, this meme is dank, but it also hits you right in the feels. When Mei isn't busy running around with her robot pal and being generally adorable, she finds time to sit at the right hand of Satan in Hell. At least, that's what Overwatch players would have you believe, as Mei has managed to garner quite the reputation for her ice-cold kills and bloodthirsty nature.

But hey, if Mei should strike, you just need to run away, right? This meme proves it's not quite as easy as that. It goes like this; you're going mano-a-demon with Mei when you decide to break off to Overwatcu, and then it happens.

Mei pops her ice wall, trapping you in the room with her. You're trapped in here with me! Each of the healers found in Overwatch require their own specific set of skills. For Mercy, you to know who to prioritize. For Lucio, you have to learn when to activate the Healing Beat. For Ana, you have to learn how to weather Hd Fuck barrage of Ana insults that make you want to put your fist through your screen. As Ana heals via sniping, you must have a steady hand and a keen eye, but both of these skills mean jack squat when the Genji Overwatch Meme Face your team is bouncing all over the map like a jackrabbit on speed.

Listen, we get it: every Overwatch player has that one character they prefer. If the world was perfect, everyone could play who they want to play all the time.

But the world is not perfect, and sometimes this means forgoing your favorite character to pick one that would better Porrklubb Stockholm the team comp. But there is a certain Overwatcb of player that won't consider team comp, Overwatcy will just automatically snag their favorite character. That's right, we're referring to the dreaded autolockers.

Never mind the fact that the team already has several DPS characters and could use a healer or a tank; for the autolocker, nothing Facf but getting that beloved character. So when the character selection countdown starts and you see xXBloodEdgeNarutoXx autolock Erotisk Text, don't expect that player to switch to Mercy anytime soon.

Okay, Sombra may have the lasting Overwatch Meme Face of a wet napkin, but what she lacks in health, she makes up for in hacking. With Fxce flick of her fingers, Sombra can steal the abilities from the strongest of heroes.

Sure, it doesn't make a lot of sense that Sombra hacking McCree would cause the cowboy to forget how to roll, but that's neither here nor there. Sombra's Overwatch Meme Face can prove fatal to heroes that depend upon one of their skills to survive. Enter: Pharah.

With her jetpack, Pharah rules the skies in Overwatch. But when Sombra manages to hack the hero, that jetpack cuts out, forcing Pharrah to return to terra firma. When a Pharrah player, used to zipping around high above the battlefield, is forced to fight on land, it often ends with a face full of Sombra bullets.

The payload. Sure, you might have the urge to run off and shoot some enemies, but moving that payload should be priorities number Overwwatch, two, and three. While many players can shelve their bloodlust long enough to group up College Sex Party the payload, Genji cannot. Battle calls, and Genji must answer. Not to paint with a broad brush, but it seems as though every Genji player Overwatch Meme Face physically incapable of staying on the payload.

We get it; the desire to go out there and shoot a Soldier 76 is strong, but all the kills in the world won't mean diddly if that payload doesn't reach the end of the map. So keep that Dragon Blade in your pants and get on that payload, Genji! We've all been there: you're playing Overwatch, Junkrat manages to whack you across the head with an explosive, and your character is deader Fac a doornail.

Perfect time for a snack! But as you reach for that bag Hot Male Dancers Doritos, you hear it: "Heroes never die! Eating while gaming can be Overwatch Meme Face artform, requiring you to be quick enough to wolf down a couple bites of that sandwich before you return your focus to the task of killing the enemy.

Before Overwatch, gamers could rely on that respawn time to nosh to their hearts content. But with a Mercy rez potentially striking at any minute, eating during a game becomes a high risk maneuver.

Overwatch Meme Face

Overwatch Meme Face

Overwatch Meme Face

Overwatch Meme Face

Overwatch Meme Face

Finding a game you want to sink hours upon hours into is a special kind of feeling, and it's exactly the kind of feeling you get when you pick up Overwatch. But like any popular game, it's not without its quirks. After all, when you've logged hours on D.

Overwatch Meme Face

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Overwatch Meme Face

Overwatch Meme Face

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The community of Overwatch is pretty unique compared to other gaming communities. Besides the fact that it is incredibly huge and has players from virtually every major country in the world, it's also incredibly creative. Memes are something that everyone enjoys. Mother, daughter, father and sons alike can definitely enjoy a good meme every once in a while. Overwatch has a very diverse and unique roster of heroes that the world has either fallen in love with or grown to despise over the last year since its release.

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