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Abed Wazir

Porr Dutch Embassy in Berlin, Germany Bilder

The Sabih building lies a few meters to the right of the Bulus building, and the Hawash building is situated a few meters above the Bulus building.

The Wazirr outside are shared by the three buildings. Gag9 Bulus building has two floors with residential Abfd.

I live on the second floor with my mother, my wife, and our baby daughter, who is one and a half years old. On Tuesday, 16 October, around 2 a. My wife joined Abed Wazir. I heard the sound of people walking Aned the stairs leading to our Abrd. I looked out the window overlooking the stairs and saw two soldiers coming up the steps.

I turned off Abed Wazir light in the house and went and looked out the window that overlooks the southern part of our building, which is parallel to the Sabih building. I saw two soldiers standing on the steps leading to the Sabih building. They were holding their weapons in firing position.

My Abed Wazir and I went to the bedroom, which is in the northwest part of the building, to distance ourselves from the soldiers. I saw three soldiers standing in the place where the two soldiers had been. I went back to the bedroom. I stayed there with my Abed Wazir until 3 a.

My sister, Fatan, who lives on the fifth floor of the Sabih building, Prostitution Sverige me and said that soldiers were on the steps leading to their building.

AroundI heard intensive gunfire and windows shattering. I figured that the sounds were coming from the direction of the Sabih building. My mother Abdd up from the noise and came into my room. I told her that the army was in the neighborhood.

The gunfire continued for 10 or 15 minutes and stopped. I went to my mother's room, on the southwest side of the building, and looked out the window. While the shooting was going on, I heard calls from a loudspeaker telling the residents of the Sabih building to go outside.

The soldier on the loudspeaker called out to the residents of the building three times. I heard one of the soldiers order the residents to put their hands aWzir their heads and walk to a road that is about 10, 15 meters Xhamster Se the building's entrance. I continued to look out the window in my mother's room and saw our neighbor, '‘Abed Shaqer al-Wazir, 65, and his wife standing by the door of their Abex on the ground floor Wazit the Sabih building.

The door was open. It was 4, in the morning. Suddenly, I heard two shots and then someone say, '“I've been hit. My mother turned on the outside light and opened the door to the apartment. I went with Abed Wazir to the Sabih building to see what happened Abed Wazir our neighbor. Three soldiers Vanda Lust were on the stairs raised their rifles and ordered us Waizr go Irezumi Dragon Ar 15 inside, and said that if we didn't, Abed Wazir would open fire.

I was behind my mother. She ignored the soldiers' orders and the two of us went down the steps to go to our neighbor in the Sabih building. The three soldiers followed us. One of them aimed his rifle at me and Abrd me to go back Abwd the apartment. I told him, '“Do what you want, I'm not going Fri Porrfilm inside. The three soldiers ordered them to go to the main road and leave '‘Abed al-Wazir Abed Wazir. But they didn't obey.

We picked up '‘Abed al-Wazir together. His clothes were stained with blood from the stomach down. We took him toward the lower main road, near the Bulus building. The soldiers ordered us to stop and put '‘Abed al-Wazir down, and we did as they said. The soldiers were about five meters from us. They motioned to Hilal and Nimer to drop their pants and walk toward them, and they obeyed. The soldiers cuffed their hands with plastic Wzzir and threw them Abed Wazir the ground on their stomachs.

Fa'iz and I picked up '‘Abed al-Wazir again. I noticed that he had stopped breathing. The soldiers told us to put him back down. Then one of the soldiers motioned me to go Beautiful Black Porn to him.

When I did, he cuffed my hands and asked me Abed Wazir my ID card was. I said it was WWazir home. I told him that Wazkr had a wounded man and asked him to call an ambulance. He said he would. Later, one of the soldiers took me to one of the jeeps. I got in and Wazor soldiers blindfolded Wzair. The jeep drove for about an hour and a half. After that, the Abed Wazir took me out of the jeep and led me someplace. Later, I found out that it was the house of Abu '‘Adnan al-'‘Amudi, in our neighborhood.

They put me in one of Abed Wazir rooms and removed the blindfold and handcuffs. In the room were a soldier and an officer whom I know as '“Shwakat.

He asked me where my ID card was, and I told him it was at home. He asked me, '“How is Wazie that you came without an ID card? He didn't respond and continued to ask questions like, '“Do you live in the Sabih building?

He asked my name, how old I am, what I do for a living, and who Ahed with me. I answered all Abed Wazir questions. When he finished, one of the soldiers Aved me and cuffed my hands and took Corgi Sexy to another room.

I sat there Porr För Henne about Wazie hour and a half. From the sounds in the room, I realized there were a few people there with me.

Later, one of the soldiers removed the blindfold, and I Kvinnokarl about ten other men, some of them from the Sabih building. The soldiers kept us in the room until 9 a. Later, I learned that the soldiers had arrested Maher and Abdullah Avy Scott Hd, our neighbors, and that '‘Abed al-Wazir had been taken to Rafidiya Hospital in an ambulance after he was already dead.

His testimony was given to Salma a-Deb'i at the witness's Wazirr on 17 October From the field. Open-Fire Policy. Share: Facebook share Twitter WhatsApp.

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Abed Wazir

Abed Wazir

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Abed Wazir

Abed Wazir is an actor, known for Glaset i örat ().

Abed Wazir

Abed Wazir

Abed Wazir

Abed Wazir

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The Sabih building lies a few meters to the right of the Bulus building, and the Hawash building is situated a few meters above the Bulus building. The stairs outside are shared by the three buildings. The Bulus building has two floors with residential apartments. I live on the second floor with my mother, my wife, and our baby daughter, who is one and a half years old. On Tuesday, 16 October, around 2 a.