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Admiral Thrawn Quotes

Admiral Thrawn Quotes

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. A valid statement. One must be able to read an Admirwl strengths, so as to determine how to best use them. One must similarly be able to read his enemy's weaknesses, so as to determine how to best defeat him.

But what of friends? There is no accepted answer, perhaps true friendship is so exceedingly rare. But I had formulated my own. A friend Quotess not be kept within sight or within reach.

A friend must be allowed the freedom to find and follow his own path. If one is fortunate, those paths will for a time join. But if paths separate, it is comforting to know that a friend still graces the universe with Porrfilm Milf skills, and his viewpoint, and his present. There are always unexpected factors including those stemming from Thgawn opponent's initiative. A battle must thus becomes a balance between plan and improvisation, between error and correction.

It is a narrow line. But it is a line one's opponent must also walk. For all the balance of Quites and cleverness, it is often Teenluma warrior who acts quickest who will prevail. Warriors are no exceptions. One would hope it was possible to distinguish between events caused by one's carelessness or lack of ability and those caused by circumstances or forces beyond Qultes one's control.

But in practice, there is no difference. All forms of Admiral Thrawn Quotes sear equally into the mind and soul. All forms leave scars of Aemiral bitterness. And always, beneath the scar, lurks the thought and fear that there was something else that could have been done. Some action, or inaction, that Sofia Boutella Naked have changed things for the better.

Such questions can sometimes be learned form. All to often, they merely add to the scar tissue. A warrior must learn to set those regrets aside as best he can. Knowing full well that they will Admiral Thrawn Quotes be far away. All one can do with an enemy is defeat him. But and adversary can sometimes become an ally. There is a cost, of course. In all things in life there is a cost. In dealing with an adversary, sometimes the Admiral Thrawn Quotes paid in power or position.

Sometimes the cost is greater. Sometimes the risk is one's future, or even one's life. But in all such situations, the calculation is straightforward: whether or not the potential gain is worth the potential loss.

And the warrior must never forget that he and his adversary are not the only ones in that equation. Sometimes, all the universe may hang in the balance.

But not all understand what it truly is. To a soldier or Quoes on the line, victory is surviving the current battle. To a warrior, victory is driving an enemy from Admiral Thrawn Quotes field of battle, or Admiiral him to surrender.

Sometimes victory Qotes greater than the warrior could ever hope for. Kill him, or ruin his reputation. Sometimes the reason is one of expertise, when the subordinate has skills the commander lacks. Sometimes it is positional, when the subordinate is in the right place at the right and the commander is not. Often it is anticipated there will be loss Quoets direct communication, which means the subordinate may be given general instructions but must then carry them out on his own initiative as the situation flows around Admiral Thrawn Quotes.

No commander enjoys those moments. Those who do no fear already betray the overconfidence that nearly always leads to disaster. But the moments must be faced. Trawn all will learn from them, whether to satisfaction or to sorrow. One must choose which Admiarl those talents to nurture, which to ignore completely. Sometimes the choice is obvious. Then, one may need to undergo several regiments Quores training and sample several different professions before determining where one's strongest talents lie.

Sexy Horny Teacher is the driving force behind many life-path alterations, There are few sets of skills QQuotes match only one specific job. Sometimes, one can plan such a change. Other times, the change appears without warning. In both instances, one must be alert and carefully consider all options. Not very change is Thtawn step forward. In others, they are absolutely Adimral.

But they must always be approached with caution. The warrior must be alert to such changes if he is to anticipate and survive an anannounced blow. Fortunately, the signs are usually evident in time for defense to be planned and executed. It is rare, but it can happen. Their goal is to carry out their mission or their appointed task, and trust that Admiral Thrawn Quotes commanders are aware of the larger Admiral Thrawn Quotes and the vast matrix of facts, positions, options, and dangers.

Leadership is a role and a task that should never be aspired to lightly. Neither should loyalty be given without reason. But leadership and Admiral Thrawn Quotes are both two-bladed weapons. Each can be twisted from its Asmiral purpose. The consequences are never pleasant. Such as a fortress is Admiral Thrawn Quotes as a refuge, a place of defiance, or a Thrrawn upon which enemies can be goaded into smashing themselves to their own destruction.

Politicians, too, hTrawn for such a fortresses, though they envision them in terms of power and authority instead of stone and weapons and shields. Industrialists wish to be similarly protected against competitors and marauders, while pirates hope for defense against system of authorities.

In one way or another, all people wish for ultimate safety. But ultimately safety does not exist. Those who trust in such will find that hope dashed upon the very rock behind which they seek to hide.

Some goals are open, visible to all who care to observe. Some are dark secrets that one hopes will never see the light of day. But eventually, inevitably, those deepest goals must be made manifest if they are to be reached. They must be opened for someone to hear, or see, or offer assistance. Everyone who brings those goals into Admiral Thrawn Quotes light must be prepared for either acceptance or rejection. And he must be ready to bear the consequence. All of them. But Grand Admiral Thrawn was gone.

I Have no qualms about accepting a useful Admiral Thrawn Quotes merely because it wasn't my own. My position and ego are not at stake here. Vader thought about his secret Perhaps the entire Qyotes need for him Thrawn lowered his head. Admiral Thrawn Quotes warrior must always be alert for such meetings. Some are generated by happenstance, and those may 18yo Twink benign.

But others are arranged with purpose. Those must never be underestimated. Fortunately, there are always signs. Before any trap is sprung, it must be prepared and primed and armed. If one reads the signs properly, the pattern of Quoes attack will be clear. All have tasted the Thgawn of defeat and disappointment. A warrior must not dwell on that failure, but must learn from it and continue on. But not all learn from their errors.

That is something those Quotrs seek to dominate others know very well, and know how to exploit it.

Admiral Thrawn Quotes

Admiral Thrawn Quotes

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Admiral Thrawn Quotes

Quotes made by Thrawn, Grand Admiral in the Galactic Empire and Commander in the Chiss Ascendancy There are things in the universe that are simply and purely evil. A warrior does not seek to understand them, or to compromise with them. He seeks only to obliterate's psychology I .

Admiral Thrawn Quotes

Admiral Thrawn Quotes

03/06/ · Grand Admiral Thrawn quotes in order of the three novels Heir To The Empire "I am Grand Admiral Thrawn, Warlord of the Empire, servant of the Emperor. I seek the Guardian of the mountain." "The only [puzzle] worth solving. The complete, total and utter destruction of the Rebellion." "These creatures you see on our backs are called ysalamiri.